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Coach America files for bankruptcy

The largest tour and charter bus operator, Coach America, filed for bankruptcy protection in Delaware. The company is also the second largest motorcoach service provider in the U.S. This procedure will allow the company to continue to operate and service customers.










The President and his Administration have decided not to cut the number of hours truck drivers can log on a daily basis. The new rule issued recently continues to permit drivers to be on the road for up to 11 hours a day but does reduce the maximum driving hours per week to 70. That's a reduction of 12 hours. The 34 hour gap between the end of one work week and the start of another remained unchanged. Further rules state driver must take a minimum 30 minute break between 8 hour shifts.
















The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) proposed the initiation of a U.S.-Mexico cross-border long-haul trucking pilot program to test and demonstrate the ability of Mexico-based motor carriers to operate safely in the U.S. beyond the municipalities and commercial zones along the border. The pilot program is part of FMCSA's implementation of the North American Free Trade Agreement cross-border long-haul trucking provisions, and would allow Mexico-domiciled motor carriers to operate throughout the U.S. for up to three years. U.S.-domiciled motor carriers would be granted reciprocal rights to operate in Mexico for the same period.














The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has announced that it will hold three public "listening sessions" to solicit comments on new hours of service rules for drivers of commercial motor vehicles. FMCSA agreed to issue new regulations within 21 months as a part of the settlement of a lawsuit by Public Citizen and the Teamsters. In the notice announcing the sessions, the agency asked a series of questions raising a number of issues such as whether new rules should require mandatory rest periods, continue to allow the 34 hour restart and how the consecutive 14 hour window has been impacted by time spent waiting to load or unload.


Great gifts year around

Visit the Transit Museum of New York for entertaining gifts for the holidays or year around. For the home or for the office these items are sure to please and are always great conversation pieces.


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Auto industry aid bill passes House, Senate GOP opposed

The House of Representatives and the White House came to an agreement on auto industry aid, however Senate GOP members have vowed to oppose it. Although Ford has stated they can survive without the aid, it is unlikely that GM and Chrysler could. Why Chrysler is subject to any aid by the Congress is still a mystery. This private company has the backing of a private equity fund which should supply any needed financing as opposed to the American taxpayers fitting the bill.















According to Forbes online Hawaii will launch a super ferry on August 28. This super ferry is 340 feet long and capable of holding 866 passengers and 282 small cars, although officials only expect to serve about 400 people and 110  vehicles of all types from motorcycles to buses. The ferry will begin with one ship going between Oahu, Kauai and Maui. The ferry is taking reservations now and the costs range from $52 for one way and an additional $59 to $69 for vehicles. An additional ship will provide more trips but not until 2009.



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